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Edward Milton Hays - 5/10/02 - Krogh's, Sparta, NJ (11 MB)

Second Time Around - 5/10/02 - Krogh's, Sparta, NJ (11 MB)

Bossy Shrimp w/ Retard Cat - 12/14/01 - Crossroads, JP Garwood, NJ (10.4 MB)

Monkey Man - 6/15/01 - Wetlands, New York, NY(7.1 MB)

The Motion Man - 2/23/01 - Wetlands, New York, NY (6.9 MB)

The Questionmark Man - 11/28/01 - Crossroads, JP Garwood, NJ (9.4 MB)

Chicken Leg - 4/5/02 - Murray's Inn, Wilkes Bare, PA (10.8 MB)

For Once In My Life - 8/18/00 - Lion's Den, New York, NY (4.8 MB)

Lion's Den
New York, NY
November 17, 2001

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Otto (8.9 MB)

Tell Me You Love Me (2.3 MB)

Doctor's Hat > (2.8 MB)

Mr. Bullyman > (5.4 MB)

The Question Mark Man > (5.5 MB)

Doctor's Hat Jam (5.6 MB)

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Wetlands Preserve
New York, NY
December 15, 2000

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Retard Cat Interview
Smells Like Eggs - 1996

Mindface and Retard Cat have a long history of collaboration. Imaginary friends since before JP Garwood decided to make Mindface a reality, the two bands shared a common drive to rock. Mindface have put their own spin on a few Retard Cat hits including Bossy Shrimp and Lint (In His Pocket). Those at the Crossroads on 12/14/01 had the pleasure to see Mindface joined live on stage by Ben and Scott of Retard Cat (due to contractual obligations, Retard Cat guitarist TJ was unable to appear). Here's a rare interview with 'The Cat' as seen many years ago on the renowned cable show Smells Like Eggs.

QuickTime Video 1
Retard Cat Interview

QuickTime Video 2
"Lint (In His Pocket)"

QuickTime Video 3
"Bossy Shrimp"

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Knitting Factory: New York, NY 10/24/01

The Crossroads: Garwood, NJ 12/14/01
The 4th Annual JP Garwood Holiday Recess
with special guests Scott & Ben from Retard Cat

The Underpass: Elmwood Park, NJ 12/28/01

The Saint: Asbury Park, NJ 12/30/01

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