Size of a donut whole and twice as mysterious.

This is where blistery truths from the inner groove vault are spawned, developed, and released. Luminoids and rhythms the size of giantís thoughts are slowly harvested in these ageless spacial mutations by five simple, humble tunesters. These wide-eyed auditory farmers have been hard at work for years seasoning their rare and precious sound minerals. By the locals who claim to know them, they have come to be known as the mindface people. Some native storytellers, the very few pranksters from the surrounding perimeter who claim to have actually witnessed these magical fruit bearers, simply call the beings and their event mindface.

Do you hear the voices, the voices in your head? The ones that whisper in your ear of plush realities and of vast landscapes of musical wisdom? It dwells in the wormhole, seeping into this world only to enlighten the fortunate and the kind. It is the chanting of the mindface.

They beckon ye.

Seek them out citizens of the galaxy.

Steve Leroy
Steve Graham
Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Ryan Krieger
Steve Leonard
Electric Guitar / Vocals
Don Frio
Keyboards / Vocals

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